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More about us

Floyd is an independent face-to-face sales and marketing agency. For our clients, we acquire long term customers, increase market share, create brand awareness, give the best ROI, build a tangible database, and help increase revenue. For our employees, we provide the best on-the-job training in the industry, a thriving and fun environment, high income, and entrepreneurial opportunities within the industry. Over the past 10 years, we have helped several clients acquire 3lakh+ customers.


"I can confidently say that joining Floyd Inc. has been the best decision of my career."

Nischay HP Gowda

"Floyd Inc. is more than just a company to me, an emotion."

Reteka J Singh

"One of the many things I loved about working at Floyd was that no two days were
ever the sam."

Chandan Patel

"I cannot emphasize
enough how much I have grown as a professional since joining the team."
"One of the best
things about Floyd is the emphasis it places on personal and professional

Priyak Basu

"As a fresher, I was amazed at how much I
have learned and how much I have accomplished since joining the team."

J Sharath Reddy

The company encourages a healthy work-life balance,
which is vital for any employee, and the opportunities for growth and advancement
are plenty.

Suyash Verma

"It truly is an exceptional place that will leave a lasting impact
on your life."
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