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More about us

Floyd is an independent face-to-face sales and marketing agency. For our clients, we acquire long term customers, increase market share, create brand awareness, give the best ROI, build a tangible database, and help increase revenue. For our employees, we provide the best on-the-job training in the industry, a thriving and fun environment, high income, and entrepreneurial opportunities within the industry. Over the past 10 years, we have helped several clients acquire 3lakh+ customers.

"Empowering Success: Explore Our Holistic Training Approach and Vibrant Work Culture"

Comprehensive Training Program: We provide theoretical and practical training in sales & marketing, covering not only essentials but also emphasizing the dos and don’ts and instilling a strong sense of business ethics.

Certificate Milestones: Recognizing achievements is essential at Floyd. We’ve established certifications at every level. These are a testament to their growth.

Tailored Growth Paths: As our workforce is predominantly composed of fresh talents, we actively support them if they are inclined towards team building, entrepreneurship, or just improving their sales skills.

Vibrant Work Environment: We curate engaging activities to keep our team members involved and motivated. We commit to fun at work.

Continuous Learning: Learning is a daily ritual at our organization. Through regular training sessions and an open-door policy, we encourage continuous improvement.

Leadership Development Program: Having access to a wealth of training modules covering leadership essentials, communication and strategies, conflict resolution, and other vital skills.

Client Certificate of Appreciation



"As the Director of Impact Guru Foundation, I can attest to their unwavering dedication and valuable contributions to push the boundaries in the nonprofit sector."

Nischay HP Gowda

"Floyd Inc. is more than just a company to me, an emotion."

Reteka J Singh

"One of the many things I loved about working at Floyd was that no two days were
ever the sam."

Vijay MK

"I can confidently say that joining Floyd Inc. has been the best decision of my career."
"One of the best
things about Floyd is the emphasis it places on personal and professional

Priyak Basu

"As a fresher, I was amazed at how much I
have learned and how much I have accomplished since joining the team."

J Sharath Reddy

The company encourages a healthy work-life balance,
which is vital for any employee, and the opportunities for growth and advancement
are plenty.

Suyash Verma

"It truly is an exceptional place that will leave a lasting impact
on your life."
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