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Floyd is a leading sales and marketing firm founded by Shreyas Parasrampuria in 2013. We began our journey with 6 employees and now have 50+ employees across 2 cities.  Currently, we work with various corporate and blue-chip clients in divisions such as entertainment, finance, insurance, charity, support, and many more. Our main aim is to generate revenue for our clients through various marketing strategies - B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), B2G (business to government), road trips, and events.

Entrepreneurship  Sales 
 Advertising and Marketing 

 Human commercial   Goal oriented

 Partnership    Upskilling  Management

Vision  Process oriented 

Shreyas Parasrampuria  |  Vaibhav Bafna
Shalini Singh  |  Renuka N Guna  | 
Zoya Nissar | Soniya GN 


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